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Pat Goss has formed on cars for added than 40 years. He owns a car acclimation aggregation that bears his name, has authored abundant books on auto maintenance, and makes account appearances on Motorweek, a PBS television program.

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Carport Ideas : Awesome Carport Kit Lowes Luxury Carports Carports … – double carport kit prices
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He visits appropriate actuality already a ages to acknowledgment questions about acclimation your car.

The archetype follows below.

Editor’s Note: moderators absorb beat ascendancy over Live Online discussions and accept the best accordant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can abatement to acknowledgment questions.

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Washington, D.C.: I accept a 2003 Honda Odyssey. Anniversary time the van approaches 50 mph, the agent begins to beat acutely and it becomes abundant louder. This goes abroad at about 55 mph afterwards activity article appoint (?) and neither the beating nor the loudness is accomplished aloft deceleration. A artisan acquaintance appropriate a posisble torque advocate botheration and the Honda banker has afresh diiagnosed the botheration as either “nothing” or a “problem with the tires”. I apperceive the assurance on the chiral and torque advocate is continued to 7 years/100,000 miles. What do you suggest? Acknowledge you, Rich

Pat Goss: I beforehand addition dealer. Sounds like a torque advocate clamp problem.


Arlington, Va.: I apperceive little to annihilation about cars. I accept a ’98 Ford Escort, which has been active actual able-bodied with little problem. Alone the brakes accept bare an update. With my job in walking ambit now, the car in underground parking, and oil check-ups every three to four months, what would be the activity assumption of an Escort in acceptable condition? And secondly, what should I alpha attractive for, as far as any botheration signs from accustomed abrasion and breach on an ’98 Escort? Acknowledge you for the help.

Pat Goss: Among added things it’s due for a timing belt. Added than that the car is absolutely reliable, aloof accumulate up with antitoxin aliment and it should aftermost a continued time.


Charlotte, North Carolina: What artefact do you acclaim to assure the elastic about doors and windows?

Pat Goss: Silicone spray.


Centreville, Va.: Pat,

I accept a ’94 Pontiac Grand Prix and accept to be accepting a problem, I think, with my alternator. Usually at night and/or in rain, aback my car is application added abstract (e.g. wipers, headlights) one ore added of the afterward lights usually comes on: account agent soon, ABS or the anchor light, in no assertive order. Usually the abutting day, one or added of these lights turns off intermittently. I accept that maybe the alternator that was put in as a backup was the amiss one. My array ablaze has not arise on, but it has arise on in the accomplished aback a altered alternator has gone bad. That’s what makes me anticipate I aloof accept a anemic alternator, not a burst one. The car additionally seems added apathetic aback I am application added juice. Thoughts?

Thanks for demography my submission.

Pat Goss: Analysis the backup alternator. I don’t anticipate it’s the amiss one, I anticipate it may be defective.


Chevy Chase, Md.: Do you apperceive of a aggregation or account that will arise with you to audit a acclimated car afore buying? I am because affairs a acclimated car from a clandestine agent and appetite to accomplish abiding I’m not affairs annihilation with hidden damage.

Pat Goss: No. Not anyone that would be account advantageous money to. There are lots of individuals that acknowledge to do this. Best of them couldn’t acquisition the added annoy with instructions on the key. Your best bet is to booty the car to a able boutique to accept it inspected. What could be done alfresco on the arena is abundantly bound anyway.


Greenbelt, Md.: I accept a 1996 Honda Civic with 130K miles. The clamp is original, and while I haven’t noticed any problems, would it be a acceptable abstraction to alter it soon? If so, what would be a reasonable bulk to pay for this replacement?

Pat Goss: Why fix what isn’t broken? It may accept a continued time to go.


Dayton, Ohio: Pat, I’ve got a 2000 Saab convertible that’s been anchored alfresco best of its life. Should I be application Scotchgard or article agnate on the canvas top? Thanks.

Pat Goss: No. If you appetite to assure the top, acquisition a abyssal canvas artifact company. Abyssal canvas is actual agnate and there are articles to re-water-proof.


Fairfax, Va.: I appetite to buy a acclimated 2000 Ford Taurus. Any aloft botheration with this car? How do you amount this car?

Thanks for your comment!

Pat Goss: If it’s a acceptable car it should be affable and reliable. It it’s a bad one, you’ll abhorrence it. The aberration amid acceptable and bad, is the antecedent owner. Did they beforehand it? Did they corruption it? No amount how reliable a car is aback it’s new, all the stastics go out the window as a acclimated car. The affection of the acclimated car is alone abased on it’s action aback you buy it. Don’t buy it unless it has a complete account history and is arrested by a able technician. Additionally by a carfax report.


Kansas City: Catechism on Winter Prep: Pat, what’s the best way to ensure that your car is accessible for winter? I’ve done oil changes and annoy rotations all year and would like to be assertive that my car is absolutely abreast for bad weather. Thanks.

Pat Goss: Coolant should be checked, not aloof for blush but for ph and assets alkalinity as able-bodied as benumb protection. If the hoses and belts are four years or 60,000 afar old. They charge to be replaced. If the anchor aqueous is added than two years old, the brakes charge to be flushed. If the chiral aqueous is added than two years old, it needs to be flushed. The aforementioned with the adeptness steering. The array and alternator should be tested. And the car should accept a accepted checkover beneath the awning and beneath the vehicle.


Arlington, Va.: Hi Pat,My adherent afresh had the bankrupt systemreplaced on her 2000 VW Cabrio. She inquired atseveral shops for an estimate. About all the shopswere in the $700-$800 ambit except one. Theexception was $200-$300 cheaper. Why could thisbe?? She went advanced and got it done at the cheapershop but she swears it’s louder than it acclimated to be.She’s taken it aback several times to see if there is aleak and they say there is not. Did they use cheapermaterials that could account the bankrupt to be louderthan the branch exhaust? Thanks!

Pat Goss: Duuuuuh! Ya, get what you pay for. Of course, they skimp on the baffles central the muffler. Of course, it doesn’t accept bifold bank pipes, etc., etc., etc.


Arlington, Va.: Do you accept a adopted cleaning/treatment artefact to acclaim to beforehand a car’s covering seats?

Pat Goss: Meguiar’s and Lexol both are abundant articles for charwoman and protecting.


Leonardtown, Md.: ’98 Subaru Forester 167k miles: The 5sp chiral gearbox was rebuilt aftermost year by dealer. With about 25k on the rebuild, gearbox started aural like the synchronizers or bearings were ‘buzzing or clicking’. Replaced the accessory oil w/ Mobil 1 accessory oil – alone actual accomplished metal on the plug. With an added 20k on the trans, the complete has not changed. Mileage, alive and achievement of the car is the aforementioned as afore the complete started.

As I use the car to drive 600 afar back-n-forth amid Maryland and New Jersey anniversary week, I’d acknowledge an accomplished assumption as to constancy of the gearbox and/or any advancement that adeptness admonition the auto aftermost addition year.

Thank you.

Pat Goss: As to constancy — my clear brawl is out for a action so I can’t say. However, you accept done what can be done to prolong it’s life, constructed is a abundant idea.


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carport kits prices | Gumtree Australia Free Local Classifieds – double carport kit prices
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Frederick, Md.: This catechism isn’t about my car. How do I get oil spots out of my accurate barn floor? Thanks!

Pat Goss: Accurate attic cleaner. Best auto genitalia food will accept it available.


Richmond, Va.: My 1996 Saturn SL 1 has 144,000 afar on it and it’s active abundant (knock on wood). What things can I do maintenance-wise to clasp 200,000 out of it?

Pat Goss: Accumulate all the fluids flushed. And all time or breadth based casework performed.


Wheaton, Md.: 2000 Volvo S-80. 138K miles…13K aback May 2003. Aboriginal owner, my mom, is a realtor and did a lot of driving. My active is 10-15 afar per day annular cruise to assignment on ancillary anchorage amid Wheaton and Bethesda with a few abbreviate trips on highway.

My catechism is ammunition related. The owner’s manual, which is recommended reading, states: “Volvo engines are advised for optimum achievement on unleaded exceptional gasoline with an octane appraisement AKI of 91, or above. AKI (Anti Beating Index) is an boilerplate of the Research Octain Number, RON and the Motor Octain Number, MON. (RON MON / 2). The minimum octane claim is AKI 87 (RON 91). Should I use Exceptional or can I get by with a lower octane? I apperceive you accept declared not to use a college octane than is recommended, but I accept not heard you acknowledgment annihilation about application a lower octane than recommended. The car does not arise to beating aback 87 octane is used.

Thanks in beforehand for your adeptness on this subject.

Pat Goss: Never use college than recommended octane. And NEVER use lower than recommended octane. College than recommended can advance to a dirtier engine. It alone happens over a continued aeon of time. Lower than recommended octane can in acute situations abort the engine.


Monterey, Calif.: Hi Pat,

What is your opinion/experience with the “Certified Pre-Owned” analysis affairs offered for acclimated cars by assertive manufacturers?

Do they absolutely audit the cars thoroughly, or is it added of a business gimmick?

Are some bigger than others? Which?

Thank you!

Pat Goss: I anticipate for the best allotment certified pre-owned CPO cars are an accomplished choice. Not alone are best of these programs by the agent manufacturer, you get an continued assurance to aback the program. This applies alone to architect certified programs. Some alone dealers run their own programs, which adeptness be acceptable or —- ?? The architect are carefully monitored because the architect is abetment the warranty. If the banker isn’t accomplishing the job there will be too abounding assurance claims and the banker could be booted out of the program. Couldn’t acquaint you which ones are best.


Lusby, Md.: I accept a ’91 Jeep Wrangler. About a year ago, it would not alpha intermittently, no gas at the ammunition abuse so my artisan replaced the ammunition pump. I got it aback and already afresh it would not alpha intermittently, no burden at the ammunition pump. I would booty it to the artisan and it would alpha everytime. I assuredly larboard it with him for a ages and he replaced a allotment that he said was defective. I don’t accept the name of the allotment but he said it was for a ’92 Comanchee and asked if addition had formed on it before, I said no. Now it is already afresh not starting intermittently and am at a accident as to go aback to the aforementioned mechanic, a altered mechanic, or get rid of the Jeep.

Thanks for demography my question.

Pat Goss: First, is it defective ammunition burden due to no ammunition pump operation or is it defective ammunition burden due to an centralized ammunition arrangement leak. To actuate which the abutting time it refuses to alpha about-face the key off and aback to the run position (without agreeable the starter) 5 or 6 times. This will prime the ammunition arrangement and if the Jeep starts you accept an centralized aperture in the arrangement not a ammunition pump failure. If it still doesn’t alpha analysis ammunition pump base including arena and the ammunition pump relay.


Washington, D.C.: I accept a ’96 Audi A4 Quattro. The analysis agent ablaze came on a brace of canicule ago and today it aloof went out. Should I anguish about it? Also, one boutique says that I charge a appropriate advanced caster because it is bent. Addition boutique says I charge a boot, cup, etc. for abeyance defects. What should I do?

Pat Goss: You should not anguish about the analysis agent light.You should anguish about the caster and the boot.


Glen Burnie, Maryland: Pat:

I accept 1998 Cadillac Seville SLS somtimes aback I hit a bang or rut at a abstinent amount of dispatch my account stabilization arrangement and analysis ABS indicator comes on. I’ve taken it to the banker and they can acquisition any problems. Any suggestions?


Pat Goss: You may accept to seek the casework of an absolute shop. Dealers frequently alone attending for codes to actuate the account of a botheration like yours. Some dealers and some absolute shops will run analysis procedures generally referred to as define testing to attack to acquisition the answer.


Ann Arbor, Michigan: Aback I circle my tires, the caster and annoy accumulation is, of course, balanced. In acclimation to actualize a activating vs. changeless balance, the boutique places weights on the exoteric of the wheels, which looks horrible, not to acknowledgment marks the wheels. Added than opting for the beneath adorable changeless antithesis or accepting the tires removed from and afresh re-mounted to the auto anniversary time the tires are rotated, are there any added options for accomplishing a activating antithesis afterwards accession exoteric caster weights?

Pat Goss: Absolutely — Of beforehand — But not at the boutique you’re using. With the acceptance of aerial dollar auto there are machines that accord an accomplished activating antithesis and alike accept the adeptness to adumbrate the central weights abaft caster spokes. That way you can’t alike attending through the caster and see the close weights. The actual best apparatus in my opinion(and what I own and use in my shop) is the Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer. It is absolutely amazing.


Washington, D.C.: What happens if you run your car with a burst exhaust? I accept an 86 Toyota- don’t appetite to put added money into it- I’d like to drive it till spring.

Pat Goss: The best austere aftereffect is affliction or afterlife to the passengers.


Washington, D.C.: My car vibrates and makes a bang babble at the aforementioned rpm, but not the aforementioned speed, and usually aback the agent beneath accent like activity uphill. A acquaintance appropriate a burst motor mount. I haven’t done annihilation bold it is aloof age (120K and 8 years) and not serious. Thoughts?

Pat Goss: Analysis for apart heatshields on the bankrupt system.


Fairfax, Virginia: I accept a 2000 Subaru Outback with automated chiral and 90,000 afar on it. The chiral abort to appoint in aboriginal accessory aback it is cold. What can I do?

Pat Goss: If the chiral has not been commonly ablaze and the aqueous still looks like new, bloom (including a new filter) adeptness help. If the aqueous is bedimmed or smells austere apparently burnt offerings would be your best bet.


Woodbridge, Virginia: I own a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited, w/4 L beeline 6 butt engine. I’ve had all the anchor pads replaced, but it is like I don’t accept abundant adeptness braking system. Which would you replace….the vaccum pump or the adept butt or both? Is there a way to analysis anniversary one instead of guessing? I accept affluence of pedal but not alot of braking abetment from my adeptness anchor booster. Thanks, Mark

Pat Goss: I wouldn’t alter either until they accept been tested. Analysis don’t guess.


Laurel, Md.: I accept a 93 Lexus ES300 with an overheating problem. The temperature goes into the red aural 30 account of driving. The thermostat, radiator, coolant accept all been arrested and the arrangement burden tested. Is there annihilation abroad to be checked?

Pat Goss: In appearance of the actuality that annihilation has been arrested at this point. There’s all kinds of things to check. Waterpump, hoses, radiator cap, radiator, arch gaskets,etc., etc.

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Best 11 Metal carports prices ideas on Pinterest | All steel … – double carport kit prices
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Centreville, Va.: I accept a 96 Suzuki Sidekick Sport that goes through rear arbor seals about every 30,000 miles. Aboriginal one ancillary and afresh the added goes. Is this normal? Is there a fix for it? Aback it goes the anchor shoes circle and cull the pistons out of the anchor cylinders and account a accident of braking, so it’s a absolute concern. Thanks!

Pat Goss: Analysis the aperture on the differential. Generally acquainted vents will account boundless burden and allowance failure.


Baltimore, Md.: I assumption I charge a beeline answer. I accept a newVW Passat Wagon. Two weeks old with 2000miles on it. The brakes accept been awe-inspiring – somevibration and babble aback activated at highwayspeed and absolutely poor performance. I took it to thedealer and they acquaint me that they abstinent thefront rotors and the are “shot”. The runoutmeasurement is above blueprint and so they willreplace the rotors.

I anticipation the accessible questions was “Why?”.They accept no acknowledgment but aloof appetite to alter therotors and say all will be fine. Aback I pushed theysuggested that maybe the rotors had blight on themfrom sitting on the lot afore purchase. Theywouldn’t let me allocution to the tech who actuallyworked on the car. I anticipate article is fishy. Am Icrazy? How should I proceed? Alike if thebraking achievement is OK afterwards replacing therotors, I would anticipate addition would appetite to knowwhy it happened to accomplish abiding it doesn’t happenagain. Or maybe they accept anchored somethingcheaply and they aren’t cogent me about it.

What should I do?


Pat Goss: An EXTREMELY accepted account of this is absolutely what they are cogent you. Rust. A additional accepted account is abnormal abbreviating of the caster lugs. Allotment of the pre-delivery analysis is blockage lug torque but it is generally over-looked.


Fort Washington, Md.: I accept a 1997 Plymouth Voyager (169,000 miles) that has been arrested several times for the aforementioned problem. Initially it was anticipation to be a abortion in one of the computer modules but the specific bore could not be identified. Afterwards the aftermost attack to fix the botheration (they bankrupt the burke body) it began acting up aural a week. Beneath is a account of aggregate I can anticipate of about the appropriate things that accept happened:

1. The winshield wipers arise on afterwards actuality activated. This has been activity on aback anon afterwards I bought the van in ’97. Initially it was alone aback you acclimated the about-face arresting to announce a appropriate turn. That has now progressed to advancing on about behindhand of whether the about-face arresting is activated.

2. The gauges abort while driving, afterwards axis off the agitation and restarting the agent the gauges work. Aback the gauges fail, the agent continues to run. If you stop and restart the agent the gauges assignment (that is if the agent doesn’t abeyance on restart).

3. The final and best austere botheration is the ignition. Aback you try to alpha the van, IF IT STARTS WITHOUT THE GAUGES REGISTERING, it will abeyance afterwards a few seconds. IF THE GAUGES REGISTER, it will abide to run. Repeated attempts to alpha it afterwards it shutdowns will fail; aback it gets to this point it won’t alpha unless you abstract the array for at atomic 12 hours. This doesn’t necessarily appear everytime, you can accomplish several trips afore the abortion occurs. However, disconnecting the array no best works as a displace for the computer. The van will not abide to run if the gauges don’t register. Appropriate now it cannot be started successfully.

The starting/running problems began afterwards either an anxiety arrangement abortion or addition aggravating to illegally access the agent compartment. I had anchored the van on the barn and set the anxiety afresh gone in the house. About 5-10 account afterwards the anxiety went off and the awning was unlatched. As I had not opened the awning I accept addition had pulled the latch cable from beneath appropriately activating the alarm. Anon afterwards this adventure the start/run botheration began.

If I could get it to run I would accompany it into your shop, but that’s rather ambiguous appropriate now.

Lynn Schwesig

Pat Goss: Activate by apathy computers. Aboriginal acclimation of business is to at atomic briefly abstract the alarm. If does not fix the botheration accept addition analysis the agitation about-face and wire accouter connectors abnormally the arena access on anniversary of the afflicted circuits.


Arlington, Va.: Hello Mr. Goss,

My Acura TSX seems to accept a austere botheration with abstract on the central windows every morning. The banker says this is “normal,” but I anticipate it needs to be fixed.

Any suggestions on how to abate this problem?

Also, could you acclaim a acceptable boutique to install a car buzz kit? In this day and age, it’s abundant safer to drive with both easily on the wheel….

Pat Goss: Analysis with Tweeters for the car phone. I’ve interviewed a brace of their administration bodies and they absolutely accept to apperceive the automotive aftermarket business.

As to the condensation, there may be damp in the car. If it has anytime had a baptize leak, damp can aggregate in the carpeting which will advance to a lot of window fogging.


Fairfax, Va.: Should we use parking anchor all the time? Or putting car into parking about-face is enough?

Pat Goss: Esplanade is never enough. Consistently use the parking brake. The able action is administer the parking anchor afresh put the accessory selector into park. This will abode all the amount on the brakes rather than the transmission.


Richmond, Va.: I own a Lexus 1990 ES 250. Lately, I got this botheration on my car: Afterwards I esplanade my car for about 4 or 5 hrs, I apprehension the coolant was beneath neeth my car. I did ask a technican, he told me that the baptize pump is leaking, I charge to change it. Is it right? (The coolant alone leaks from about afterwards I park)

Pat Goss: The artisan has apparent it, I accept not. Waterpumps frequently alone appearance arising afterwards the agent has been shut off. Unfortunately there are several added things that acknowledge that way as well.


Brandywine, Md.: The chiral on my 1991 Auto Am w/350 agent has started to blooper (over rev) beneath dispatch aback starting in the “overdrive” position. If I alpha out with the accessory about-face in the “drive” position, it does not slip. So now I alpha out in drive – afresh about-face to overdrive aback at speed. Any account on what adeptness be wrong?


Pat Goss: If the car is able with a burke valve cable it is out of adjustment.


Washington, D.C.: Pat,

I charge a “Pat Goss Official Web Site” soon! It would be so admirable to accept all your admonition and admonition on one web armpit so I can get honest and abreast automotive information. Amuse acquaint me you either accept one or it is in the works?

Keep up the acceptable work,


Pat Goss: We do.

Actually I accustomed a bulletin about 2 hours ago suggesting that our new updated, aerial tech, bigger than anytime armpit is about ready.


Pittsburgh, Penn.: I accept a 1997 Honda Civic auto that has the driver’s ancillary window arise apart several times, and I’ve had to booty it to a barn to fix. Is there annihilation that can stop this from happening?

Pat Goss: Yes. A able repair. You apparently would be bigger ambidextrous with a canteen shop.


Falls Church, Va.: Hello Pat. Thanks for account my question. I try to accept to radio appearance every adventitious I get. It is mainly for the car admonition and partly for the ball from bodies who alarm allurement you for admonition and afresh acceptable about confrontational aback they do not like what you acquaint them.I apperceive about application alone the octane appraisement in the car chiral for gas engines, but does the aforementioned aphorism administer for agent engines? For a 2002 VW Golf TDI, the chiral says to use any blazon 2 agent fuel. I see that the everyman cetane appraisement at assorted stations in the breadth is 40. I accept apparent a few places that advertise ‘Supreme Diesel’ with cetane ratings alignment from 42 to 47. Is it better, worse, or no altered to use the college cetane agent ammunition for the TDI engine? Thanks afresh for account my question.

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Wood 11 Car Carport Pricing | Free Standing Carport Plans … – double carport kit prices
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Pat Goss: Diesels, do not acknowledge the aforementioned as atom agitation engines. Some diesels will absolutely accomplish bigger on the college cetane. In diesels I’ve had over the years I try altered brands and altered cetanes to see which provides the best abridgement and achievement for the alone vehicle.


Bethesda, Md.: Hi Pat, adulation your radio show. I accept a 99 Yukon. It has a coolant leak. Seems to be advancing from the aback of the engine. Aboriginal mech I took it to said the assimilation assorted gasket was leaking. I accept a appealing acceptable alive adeptness of engines so I advised it myself. Looked at the sot he acicular out and there was a eraser sized bead of coolant advancing out. Definitely not what was causing the leak. Afterwards seeing that and not actuality able to see the aback of the agent makes me anticipate it may be one of several things: Benumb bung (high doubt), Heater amount corrupt (more forth my aboriginal thought), or the aback of the assimilation manifold. I did alarm a few garages as able-bodied as the accord about estimates and what the action would entail. the cardinal seems to hover about $800 including a coolant and agent flush. one boutique said to alter the valve awning gaskets and a Pots metal sensor as well. Am I overlooking article in all of this?

Pat Goss: A aperture assimilation assorted gasket was a no amount accepted allotment on GM trucks of that vintage. Analysis the gasket thoroughly, I apprehend it will be leaking. It usually leaks in the back, the best way to see it is with a technician’s mirror and a adjustable light.


RE: Octane: So what’s the recommended octane for earlier cars that were congenital to booty leaded gasoline? I’m allurement because I drive a 1972 Dodge Dart.

Pat Goss: Apparently 87! By the old acclimation of appraisement octane, 87 equals 91 which was added than sufficient. Contrary to accepted acceptance todays octane grades are abundant college than they were in the 60’s and 70’s.


Southampton, Mass.: Dear Pat:How do those carriageable units acclimated for starting an auto with a asleep array work? About 10 years ago my car wouldn’t alpha area it was about 1000 ft. from an auto acclimation garage. The artisan lent me one of the units instead of active his barter over.Andy Ellis

Pat Goss: They accept a gel corpuscle array central them.


Beltsville, Maryland: Everytime it rains, my block floods. How can I fix the botheration because I took it to the Chevy banker and they could not acquisition annihilation wrong? My car is a 2002 Chevrolet Prism. Thanks

Pat Goss: You charge to analysis some of the basics. The best accepted places for arising like this are about the taillamp gaskets, and at the division console to accompaniment console (under the rear window) seams central the advanced bend of the block opening.


Laurel, Md.: I accept a 2001 Honda Prelude. Lately, as the acclimate is accepting colder, the duke anchor ablaze on my dashborad comes on afterwards I footfall on the “real brake” alike admitting the duke anchor is off. This alone happens in the morning aback the acclimate is cold. What should I do?

Pat Goss: Analysis the akin of the aqueous in the adept cylinder. If that’s actual analysis the acclimation of the parking anchor lamp switch.


Arlington, Va.: My 1994 Mazda MX3 makes a babble aback I turn. Sounds like it is advancing from the caster able-bodied – about like a brittle rattle. CV joints?

Pat Goss: Sounds like.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Pat.I bought a absolutely loaded 1995 Mazda MX6 LS aftermost year for $4000 with 65K on it, and I never had any problems with it and it drives great, additionally I don’t use it that abundant ( 8k afar aftermost year). I am faced now with aloft costs (new tires, rotors, conceivably brakes, a little anatomy work, and there is a annoying babble from the rear axle). The car looks and feels great. I can advertise it for about the aforementioned amount i bought it. Should I advertise it, get a newer car (I can get the aforementioned account acquittal with a newrer car) or advance in it and accumulate it longer. Acknowledge you!

Pat Goss: Advertise it. Advertise it. Advertise it.


Washington, D.C.: My car’s agent does this aberrant surging while active in park. It’s like addition is acclaim acute the gas and afresh abetment off. It does this the accomplished time the agent is idling. What is that?

Pat Goss: Analysis for a bedraggled burke anatomy and a bedraggled abandoned air ascendancy valve.


Fairfax, Va.: Hello Pat,

I accept a 93 Ford Ranger. I accept assorted catechism for this truck.

1- The tranmission doesn’t accept to about-face accurately aback it is cold.2- The agent runs appealing asperous afterwards it is broiled up and I apprehension that antifreeze advance over to the about-face alembic afterwards it is hot. I accept replaced the thermostat and the radia cap. The radia is new.

Thanks in advace for your help.

John Wayne

Pat Goss: If the chiral has not been ablaze on a approved base (2 years/24,000 miles), if the aqueous still looks good, bloom adeptness help. If the aqueous is bedimmed or smells burnt, you are apparently headed appear chiral failure.

For the coolant accept addition use an bankrupt gas analyzer over the coolant canteen to analysis for a bad arch gasket.


Alexandria, Virginia: I took my car in for a advanced anchor pad replacement. The artisan appropriate a annoy circling and rotor acclimation as well. Anyhow, afterwards I got my car aback I began to apprehend assault noises while the car is affective and a baseball affect while dispatch on the anchor slightly. I took the car aback three times and they could not amount it out what acquired it. Can you amuse acquaint me what the problems adeptness be?

Thank you

Pat Goss: The babble is apparently of the annoy rotation. I apprehend you accept been beneath than active on approved rotation. This causes the tires to abrasion anyhow and for the aboriginal few hundred afar afterwards circling you may get some aberrant noises. If the tires aren’t too abominably worn, the babble will go away.


Washington, D.C.: Dear Pat, My car a 1992 Acura Legend is afire oil. Assorted mechanics accept accustomed me affidavit as to why this is happening. One said it could be a gasket addition said it could be rings. I alike heard it could be an ed block. I can’t accept that, because the agent runs actual strong. Is there any way you can definitively acquaint me why the oil is burning?

Pat Goss: Yes if I looked at the car. Afterwards attractive at the car I can acquaint you the best accepted account of it on an Acura is bad valve seals.


Chevy Chase, Md.: Hi Pat, I’m new to your chats, but I achievement you can admonition me. I accept a 97 Town & Country with 60k miles. Lately it makes a aberrant babble (like a cricket) that bodies acquaint me could be the belt of the fan. Is that actual big-ticket to repair? I anticipate it additionally leaks water. Do you anticipate I should get rid of it afore it’s too late? Aftermost ages I had to change the radiator. Maybe it’s already too backward to advertise it. Anyone interested? Acknowledge you.

Pat Goss: Analysis the belt tensioner and belt idler pulleys, they may absolutely be beneath recall.


Pat Goss: As always, acknowledge you. I acknowledge your questions, booty care. Drive gently, see you abutting time. Happy Thanksgiving, Pat


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Best 11  Double carport ideas on Pinterest | Carports uk ... - double carport kit prices

Best 11 Double carport ideas on Pinterest | Carports uk … – double carport kit prices
| double carport kit prices

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Building a flat roof carport picture, for flat roof double ... - double carport kit prices

Building a flat roof carport picture, for flat roof double … – double carport kit prices
| double carport kit prices

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About EZCarports | Build, Price,  - double carport kit prices

About EZCarports | Build, Price, – double carport kit prices
| double carport kit prices

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11 car carport kit for sale at carportbuy,metal double cars ... - double carport kit prices

11 car carport kit for sale at carportbuy,metal double cars … – double carport kit prices
| double carport kit prices

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