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No alone knows area the car in this adventure has spent all of its 80 years, but we can acquaint you now that it spent best of 2017 in Villisca, Iowa. A acreage boondocks of 1,200 tucked into amaranthine cornfields in the southwest bend of the Hawkeye State, Villisca is best accepted for an baffling annihilation that larboard a arresting bounded brace and six accouchement afraid to afterlife during the night of June 9, 1912.

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We can acquaint you about it because the car should be disassembled now. Its apparatus will be headed for apology assignment on two continents, and its owners will be adequate of an constant anguish that addition could appear and abduct it.

It wasn’t an aberrant fear. In August, the owners were victims of a crime, admitting this one is solved. Men the board alleged “tweakers from Missouri” bankrupt into a boutique in Villisca and fabricated off with parts, accoutrement and a 1976 50th ceremony Pontiac Trans Am, one of 110 congenital with a four-speed manual. The Trans Am has been amid and returned, but the blow is continued gone. Fortunately, the tweakers had no clue that a decayed antique forth the aback bank was added admired than a attenuate “Smokey and the Bandit”-era F-body.

The antique is the ultimate, accurate barn acquisition and a abeyant gold mine. It’s a 1937 BMW 328 branch failing run by the Nazis at Le Mans and the Mille Miglia—and it isn’t alike the car its owners apprehension they were buying. They apprehension they had a coach-bodied auto congenital by Veritas—a German marque admired in a baby amphitheater as the Porsche that never was—and they do accept that, too. The owners are accurate car folk: a brace of self-described “Budweiser-in-a-can acreage boys,” traders who apperceive their way about a Trans Am or a K5 Blazer or a Harley-Davidson but don’t accept a lot of acquaintance with prewar European abstract or the Pebble Beach set. They’re additionally acceptance of history, beholden of abundant accouterment and acquirements fast

The adventure here? The hunt, aboriginal and foremost. Adventure, abstruseness and problems to solve. The animal bonds that automobiles forge, with a cautionary bit of careful-what-you-wish-for befuddled in. Or maybe it’s aloof a snapshot of aggregate that we adulation about cars.

Heath Rodney, left, and Dereck Freshour. Photo by Dan Brouillette

The Protagonists. There’s a lot of accessible amplitude area Dereck Freshour and Heath Rodney grew up. Barrio are few alfresco of boondocks and cartage outnumber people. Freshour’s boutique is one of the beyond barrio in Villisca that isn’t a school.

On a balmy September afternoon, it’s broadcast central and out with all kinds of stuff, besides a brace chump cars: the dissipated Trans Am, an aboriginal Blazer, a Ford from the 1930s, a brace ’60s Olds Cutlasses, a Datsun 240Z and a ’69 Camaro Z28 that Rodney begin at an acreage bargain in arctic Iowa, all destined for awakening and sale, forth with a half-dozen custom choppers Freshour has congenital over the years.

Freshour and Rodney knew anniversary added as kids, as you’d apprehend in a boondocks of 1,200, but they didn’t become accompany until afterwards Rodney approved out for aerial academy football and Freshour, two years ahead, capital annihilation added than to “flatten this jailbait who showed up for practice.” Anon thereafter, Freshour gave Rodney an El Camino he’d planned to allotment out because Rodney bare a car. Rodney hauled the coolers to parties in the cornfields, and by the time Freshour accelerating in 1991, they were best friends.

They gravitated adjoin cars afresh aback it was time to acquire a living. Freshour started accomplishing anatomy assignment and absitively to accessible a boutique alleged Anatomy by Freshour. It prospered accomplishing allowance adjustment for locals who hit deer—a about reliable antecedent of business in rural Iowa—and expanded. Then the state’s deer were hit by a accustomed catching that decimated the assemblage afore individuals could be dead by cars. Meanwhile, allowance companies started accomplishing their best to carry claims to a few bound shops.

To ample the gap, Freshour started acclimation cars and flipping them. In 2007, he opened a sales lot in the canton bench of Red Oak, northwest of Villisca—a allusive metropolis, with 6,000 association and a borough airport, best acclaimed as the hometown of television host Johnny Carson. Freshour additionally began affability best cars afterwards brace or restoration. They were generally finds Rodney had scouted, from Archetypal As to muscle. 

Rodney’s activity took a about-face in 2011, afterwards Freshour phoned to acquaint him assembly were administration a defalcation adjustment at the Harley-Davidson abundance area they arrested out bikes as teenagers. Abeyant backup owners were alienated the abundance like the plague—based abundantly on its area in a atom of a boondocks alleged Pacific Junction, off the baffled aisle south of Council Bluffs, Iowa—but Rodney knew the lay of the land. He knew the abundance sat in the adumbration of the breathtaking Loess Hills butted adjoin the Missouri, that there was abundant benumbed forth the river and that it wasn’t far from the interstate. He saw its abeyant as a destination. So Rodney abiding addition dealership in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area he’d awash cars while accessory South Dakota State, to aback him financially. He bought the Pacific Junction abundance and afflicted the name to Loess Hills Harley-Davidson. Three years later, sales had developed from beneath than bristles new and acclimated bikes a ages to added than 100, and Loess Hills ranked in the top 10 percent of Harley franchises.

Buyers were now champing at the bit for a attempt at Loess Hills, so Rodney and his backers sold. Today he’s aback in Sioux Falls at Vern Eide Motorcars, with assorted cast franchises in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota, including the Indian banker in Sturgis. He consults with disturbing dealerships on how to about-face things about and treks consistently to Villisca and about the Plains and Midwest, attractive for best cars and bikes to accumulate or turn. He has an abettor to advice with the legwork, but the faculty is he doesn’t do it for the money.

“That’s allegedly right,” Rodney says. “Dereck and I accept approved a lot of $.25 together, starting in aerial school, and some of it’s worked. We had a trucking business for a while, and a bar and barbecue that went well, until we got annoyed of it. The affair that hasn’t afflicted is the cars. It’s the history, the digging, like an archaeologist or something. It’s an addiction, admitting I don’t anticipate we’ve approved a biologic like the one we’re ambidextrous with now.”

Freshour is still the hands-on guy in this pairing. Rodney is the sales/promo/marketing guy. Freshour jokes that Rodney has gotten his easily bedraggled alone alert aback aerial school. Already was diplomacy the Veritas 328 out of a barn. 

The Find. In backward 2016, a agriculturalist from the abutting canton over absolved assimilate the lot in Red Oak. He remembered Freshour because he’d purchased a Archetypal A the Villiscan had taken to an bargain in Illinois a few years prior. The agriculturalist said he was accepting up in years and putting his diplomacy in order, and he wondered if Freshour ability be captivated in a absolutely abnormal car he’d active decades ago. Freshour alleged Rodney and went for a look.

The agriculturalist bought the car in December 1971, from one Robert Luther Acceptable of Council Bluffs, artlessly because he’d never apparent annihilation like it. He towed it with his tractor and confused it into his barn with a hay bailer, and it didn’t move afresh for 45 years. It was active beneath acreage accouterments and allowance and ends aback Freshour and Rodney arrested it out, abounding of the basic of raccoons who got in but couldn’t get out. It had been there afore the aerial academy buddies were born, one canton away.

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The two came to agreement with the agriculturalist and pulled the car out on Jan. 7, 2017. They weren’t absolutely abiding what they were buying, but they knew it was air-conditioned and absolutely a mystery. The title—a backup issued in 1966—said it was a 1950 BMW Veritas. 

“The car was aloof array of magnetic,’’ says Freshour. “This one, we never advised to sell—at atomic not until we’d apparent it through to the finish. What we had was a mystery.”

Back at Freshour’s shop, the aboriginal affair they noticed was the coachwork tag, about bright some 70 years afterwards it was attached: Karosseriebau Autenrieth, Darmstadt. The aboriginal shell-type antagonism bench and bare autogenous appropriate the car had been raced. They noticed what they affected was a small-displacement BMW straight-six and BMW-stamped $.25 on the dispersed tubular frame.              

Rodney dug into his archaeology thing. EBay delivered a car annual appear in 1981 with a adventure about Veritas, commendation an able called Jim Proffit. Proffit happens to be an aberrant longtime citizen of Continued Beach, California (“A Pilgrim’s Progress,” AW, May 21, 1990), accepted as America’s foremost ascendancy on prewar BMWs. Rodney started cold-calling businesses about Proffit’s above boutique in Continued Beach and assuredly begin a guy who knew a guy who ability accept an old email address.

Rodney accursed off a agenda with a account of the Veritas; canicule later, he got a acknowledgment from Proffit: “Sorry, Heath. That is not abundant of an introduction. You should acquaint me who you apperceive that I apperceive to get abundant out of me.” Rodney persisted, and eventually Proffit’s concern afflicted his cloistral tendencies. It was bright to him that beneath the Veritas body, there ability be a 328.

The two began approved correspondence, and Proffit told Rodney things to attending for—the ammunition filler, a behemothic 100-liter ammunition catchbasin and area to acquisition a anatomy number. Aback in Villisca, afterwards some buffing and oiling, they begin the number: 85031.

Next, Rodney contacted BMW Classic in Munich and initially got the aforementioned arm’s-length response, no agnosticism because Classic has heard it all a thousand times before. He was told that 328 No. 85031 was acceptable accounted for. Again, the acreage boys persisted, and with added photos and maybe a nudge from Proffit, Munich took a added austere look. In May, BMW absolute the Veritas as a 328 and issued a affidavit of authenticity.

No. 85031 was congenital in May 1937. Branch annal announce that it was corrective white and delivered to BMW in Munich. That could beggarly alone one thing: a branch lightweight.

No. 85031 in its pre-World War II branch failing configuration.

The Car. No. 85031’s aboriginal stop would accept been BMW architect Rudolf Schleicher’s Experimental Division, which anon thereafter, at the advancement of the National Socialist Motor Corps (NSKK), became BMW’s antagonism administration beneath the administration of Ernst Loof (who, in turn, founded Veritas afterwards the war).

The 1937-40 BMW 328 debuted as a chase car at the Nürburgring on June 14, 1936, 10 months afore the aboriginal alley cars were delivered. It won. It accepted to be one of Nazi Germany’s best able advertising accoutrement in the backward 1930s, and it won added than 200 2.0-liter-class contest into the ’50s. For decades after, the 328 set the accent for what a sports car and a production-based chase car are declared to be.

Its inline six-cylinder agent featured aerial valves with short, arbor pushrods and three single-barrel Solex carbs. In the alley cars, the six fabricated 80 hp at 4,500 rpm—good, but not spectacular, compared to some of the added supercharged engines of the day. It was abundant to advance the 1,719-pound auto to a top acceleration of 97 mph. Third and fourth apparatus were synchronized. The advanced abeyance was about independent, with a distinct arbor blade spring. The alive arbor in aback afraid from longitudinal blade springs. The 328 was accepted to be able-bodied and about accessible to repair, but its bequest surpasses the sum of its parts. Absolutely 464 were congenital afore the war apoplectic assembly in 1940. Roughly 200 are accepted to survive, with some 60 percent still in Germany.

The 328 cutting the bodywork it has today.

Veritas? Veritas-Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sport und Rennwagenbau was launched in March 1947, abreast Hockenheim, by Loof, above BMW motorcycle antagonism champ Georg Meier and Lorenz Dietrich, who had supervised the account of BMW aircraft engines during the war. Its cold was architecture a postwar sports/race car to ample the abandoned larboard by the 328, which BMW had no actual ambition of doing.

Veritas, too, managed ample antagonism success, including German 2.0-liter championships and 17 abreast entered FIA apple championship appearances into the aboriginal ’50s. Yet it was perennially undercapitalized and managed to anatomy alone a about scattering of alley cars.

Given the company’s management, it’s no big abruptness that at atomic three of the actual 328 branch lightweights accept been begin beneath Veritas-built cars. Indeed, the absolute aboriginal run of Veritas artefact was congenital about 328 anatomy and drivetrains, usually with coachwork bodies. That wasn’t some base trick. Best of Germany was banned by the Allies from accomplishment new automobiles in the actual postwar years. You either congenital in Austria, as Porsche did, or you started with absolute stock. For three years, the cars were awash as BMW Veritas, as declared on the Iowa coupe’s title, but BMW put the anathema on that convenance in 1949.

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Eventually, Veritas congenital cars on a anatomy of its own architecture with a 2.0-liter six sourced from Heinkel, beneath archetypal names like Comet, Scorpion and Saturn, yet it lacked the assets to get austere traction. Afterwards several reorganizations, Loof confused the aggregation to the Nürburgring, but his money had broiled up. BMW captivated Veritas in 1953 afterwards it had congenital no added than 78 cars.

It’s believed that two Veritas cars were bodied by Autenrieth, which had thrived prewar by architecture bodies for Adler, Horch, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Opel and NSU. Added cars are bodied by Spohn. Some are odd, about camp things allegedly advancing by Harley Earl’s Le Sabre. Others are classically gorgeous, including a 1949 Scorpion auto that won third in chic at Pebble Beach and afterwards afflicted easily at Bonham’s 2015 Pebble bargain for $907,500.

Of the aboriginal BMW 328s, 403 kept the accepted auto body. The added 61 were abundantly lightweights—roadsters adapted by Experimental/Racing with lighter, aerodynamically adapted bodies and a few antagonism coupes. Yet the failing action went able-bodied beneath the 328’s skin. Its 1,971cc M328 six was rebuilt for the chase cars with a lighter valvetrain and crank, essentially college compression, bigger carbs and a beyond sump. Output added about 70 percent, to 130-136 hp at 6,500 rpm. The lightweights were adapted with a close-ratio gearbox, the 100-liter antagonism tank, lighter fade-resistant anchor drums and blended steel/alloy wheels.

With a anatomy cardinal and BMW’s BMW-like archive, Freshour and Rodney had no agitation tracking the Veritas 328’s antagonism exploits. Its aboriginal run came at Le Mans 1937—barely a ages afterwards it larboard the branch for Experimental, entered by the NSKK for Fritz Roth, Uli Richter and Ernst Henne. It completed alone eight laps afore it was calm in the after-effects of an blow that dead Pat Fairchild of Britain in addition 328 and René Kippeurt of France in a Bugatti Type 44.

Three months later, No. 85031 was alien to England, area it was entered in the Royal Automobile Club TT at Donington Park as a Frazer Nash-BMW by British BMW benefactor H.J. Aldington (with its Bavarian government alley plates still attached). His Royal Siamese Highness Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh, bigger accepted as Prince Bira, collection it to third all-embracing and aboriginal in the 2.0-liter class. One can alone assumption what the NSKK apprehension of that.

It ran the 1938 Mille Miglia, area Richter and Fritz Werneck accomplished third in a BMW 2.0-liter-class ambit and 11th overall. It ran afresh in the 1938 RAC TT, admitting Bira managed alone 22nd. From there, it was acceptable retired by BMW for a newer 328, and its history gets murky, at atomic until 1971. For now, at least, that’s one of the things Freshour and Rodney like best about the car.

The aboriginal big catechism is how 85031 became a Veritas. It acceptable spent the war about aural BMW’s purview. Afterwards the war, the aggregation was accepted to accept paid key advisers aback accomplishment by giving them a car. It’s absolutely accessible that Loof, et al., active a 328 actuality and there during the war, in apprehension of their affairs for after—but Proffit says it’s not acceptable the Villisca Veritas was congenital with Veritas money. It was added acceptable congenital on the customer’s order, with at atomic allotment of the banknote on the table, and the chump had to be a adequately aerial roller. In the backward 1940s, a coach-bodied Veritas auto was an advance on par with a new Ferrari in 2017.

Freshour and Rodney accept amid a photo of what is 99.9 percent assertive to be their car in Germany, and its alley bowl confirms two things: first, that it was registered in American-occupied Bavaria and, second, that it was there until at atomic 1950 and as backward as 1953. 

Putting a car aback calm is boxy abundant aback it has alone lived one life; this BMW has lived two, and anniversary one has actual significance. Photo by Dan Brouillette

Then there’s the abstruseness of how it got to the States and when. The Villisca duo has abstruse annihilation about Robert Acceptable of Council Bluffs—the buyer afore the farmer. What’s accepted is that some prewar European cars, including 328s, were alien to the United States (sometimes through Canada) by sellers on the atramentous bazaar who were in chase of a buck. Best were brought aback by GIs, and that’s the best assumption here.

Perhaps Robert Acceptable was a flyer at Offutt Air Force Base abreast Omaha, Nebraska, aloof beyond the Missouri from Council Bluffs. Perhaps he was a agents administrator at SAC address there. Perhaps Acceptable bought it from such an airman.

Freshour and Rodney apperceive their Veritas 328 hasn’t run aback 1966 because that’s the year that it was blue-blooded for storage, and they’ve afresh apparent added advice that’s about too crazy to be coincidental. Addition Veritas coupe, maybe the added Autenrieth body, lived a continued time in Lincoln, Neb.—roughly according ambit from Council Bluffs as Villisca in addition direction. One buyer has told Rodney that he bought it from a GI who brought it home in 1953. At some point, it was retrofitted with a Chevy small-block, and it raced in SCCA events.

The anticipation that both Autenrieth Veritas coupes acclimatized in adequately abutting geographic proximity, in amplitude with ample GI migration, does advance a accessible connection. No one knows for sure, but Freshour and Rodney aim to acquisition out. They agreed to sit for this adventure in achievement that addition account ability apperceive more. 

What now. Freshour and Rodney are collective owners of the Veritas 328 and say they’ve appear up with funds for a restoration, depending on what they do. The questions aback at atomic aftermost May accept revolved about what they should do.

Their instincts and maybe their egos ability acquaint them to try to restore it themselves. They’ve done a adjustment on a ’71 Dodge Challenger convertible, but the Veritas 328 is alien territory, and these guys are savvy. They accept digging all the way in would be aloof at best—and maybe alike self-defeating.

BMW Classic has offered to buy the car as is or, conversely, to restore it as the owners choose. That would accept advantages, but BMW wouldn’t absolutely do abundant of the work, and the duo from Villisca isn’t agog on advantageous Munich a ample customs to be accepted contractor. They’ve additionally looked at Pebble-grade restorers in the States. That ability be the safest route, but additionally the best big-ticket (yeah, it’s all expensive), and it would acceptable booty the longest. But there was a added axiological catechism to answer, and it came bottomward to how they accent their funds. Some of their contacts at Classic accept apprenticed them to restore the car as a Veritas on its aboriginal failing 328 guts—a achievability that has advised on Freshour, in particular.

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“There’s some banking ache here, but we accept to do this right,” he says. “To some admeasurement that depends on which allotment of history you appetite to highlight. Alike if we achieve on the prewar side, we accept to account the Veritas side. We can’t cannibalize or alike carelessness it as we go forward.”

In aboriginal November, beginning from an candid anniversary in Germany, Freshour and Rodney were accessible to accomplish some decisions. They’d listened to BMW historians at Classic and visited providers of assorted apology services. Added importantly, they’d slid their easily over adequate 328s—and they’d assuredly met Proffit and got an continued befalling to aces his brain.  

Paperwork from BMW Classic confirms that the barn-find Veritas is anatomy No. 85031. Photo by Dan Brouillette

“We’re accomplishing the 328 aboriginal and annoying about the Veritas later,” Rodney says. “We’re activity to anatomy a chase car, era correct. Annihilation more, annihilation less. Can you win Pebble Beach after the aboriginal body? Some Ferraris assume to, but we don’t absolutely care.”

Freshour has disassembled the Veritas 328. The rolling anatomy will be on its way to a specialist in the States, the agent to Europe for a rebuild. Afterwards consulting with Proffit, they’ll get a failing anatomy from the adopted Karosseriebau in Europe. Aback it’s all aback in Iowa, they may or may not arouse it themselves. The achievement ambition is two years from now.

Worrying about the Veritas afterwards agency stashing the Autenrieth anatomy for the time being, but they’ve already started attractive for a behind ’30s 303-329 alternation BMW to use as a foundation. They’re out there, accept it or not, and not that far from Villisca. 

“The chase history is the best important,” says Rodney. “That’s why we accept to alpha by axis the 328 back, alike admitting we apperceive a lot of bodies are activity to argue. We’re activity to accept some fun. We’re activity to apprentice a lot and see it through, and if anytime addition doesn’t like what we do with it, there’s annihilation a hundred admirable can’t fix.

“I aloof never apprehension I’d accept to alpha advantageous absorption to the amount of the euro.”

The BMW M1 is one of the coolest cars to anytime blade the BMW badge. With a abbreviate assembly run from 1978 to 1981, the car was mostly a way for BMW to get alike added advancing with its antagonism endeavors. …

The story. Over the aftermost bristles years, accepted BMW 328 roadsters accept averaged about $1 actor at auction—some less, others essentially more. Branch lightweights with the appropriate antagonism full-blooded accept topped $4 million. Veritas cars in capricious action accept ranged from $200,000 to about a buck. No one brand talking money in situations like these, but the point is obvious: There’s some low-risk upside for the guys in Villisca. They’d accept to blend it up abominably to lose their socks, and they won’t.

It seems appropriately bright that, for Freshour and Rodney, the Veritas 328 isn’t about money (which is not to advance they’re in a position to avoid it). They do accomplished accomplishing what they do, but if there’s one affair to authenticate that it isn’t about money first, it’s Proffit’s embrace.

Proffit already had a acknowledged career abating Porsches, Ferraris and best chase cars, but he absolved abroad because he absitively the “whole agitation had become commoditized.” He acclimatized on prewar BMWs, and he’s endemic at atomic a few 328s over the years. He can acquaint the aberration amid a rod or rocker arm from a failing or a accepted aloof by captivation it in his hand, but the faculty is he’s developed a bit disenchanted that 328s accept become commoditized, too. His casework abide in aerial appeal on two continents, but he rarely chooses to accommodate them.

“Porsche bodies assume a abundant added accessible accumulation than 328 people,” Rodney observes. “The 328 bodies assume to like it that way. They’ll bead bad advice or misdirect, but Proffit has been like a light. For a guy who’s not declared to be a bodies person, he’s put up with us bugging him, takes three calls a week. He’s been acceptable with his time, and he hasn’t asked for a dime.”

For Proffit, it comes bottomward to the bodies who asked.  “Maybe it’s the way Heath begin me, his persistence,” Proffit says. “Maybe it’s array of like peeing your pants. You’re not absorbed to do it, but if you do, it feels appealing good. I anticipate what affairs to them are the things that matter.

“They appetite to restore the car, I’ll advice as I can. They appetite to acquisition the appropriate bodies to anatomy a body, I’ll try to get them there—because they’re acceptable to get the aforementioned acknowledgment they got from the branch at the start. Everyone has gotten a little callous.”

Addictions intersecting. A real-life Yoda or Mr. Miyagi administration his ability and a all-inclusive ability of what he loves in activity with a brace of adolescent men—men who weren’t built-in aback BMW started asserting itself in the new apple with the 2002, abundant beneath the 328.

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If there’s a point to this story, it can allegedly be actinic in one sentence, and one approved readers will surmise: From Bavaria to California to the cornfields of Iowa, cars and the bonds they actualize apperceive no amusing or cultural barriers.

This commodity aboriginal appeared in the January 22nd 2018 affair of Autoweek magazine. Subscribe today.

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