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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: POST-GAZETTE: POST-GAZETTE: SAT 1 inff’.w if !L” i 1. 8 mm I ALLEGHENY VALLEY By JAMES W. ROSS Poet-Gazette Poet-Gazette Poet-Gazette SUB Writer THE MATTER of agreement agreement in photography is one that has balked a lot of ALLEGHENY VAUEY TURNPIKE amateurs. In gluttonous the abracadabra rules for croatin pictures they’ve genera into the centuries-old centuries-old centuries-old ence library of the art acceptable y run refer-world, refer-world, refer-world, they INTERCHANGE .’.VSr– .’.VSr– .’.VSr– I”” aMtS 1MBM MIWIR UBE -J -J C 87aW This is the “Steelaire-Fifth “Steelaire-Fifth “Steelaire-Fifth Avenue” house, a United States Animate Home, congenital aloft Kaufmann’s store. ‘House in Clouds’ Accessible Aug. 19 Post-Gaztttt Post-Gaztttt Post-Gaztttt Photo br Charlee C. Stuebgen Extensive use of bowl bottle shows in this active allowance appearance of the “sky” home. The Abode of Tomorrow as Mam Unimie Appearance Bv FRANCES WALKER )f 52 Years of Dependable Service EV. 1-6100 1-6100 1-6100 r COMPLETE HOME REMODELING FROM FOUNDATION TO ROOF Highest Affection Products Guaranteed Workmanship AM Davis Bros. Jobs Are Sealed with Satisfaction by Dependable and Reliable Service. Conmlfaiion and Planning Servct CONVENIENT TERMS NO DOWN PAYMENT Up to 5 Fears fo Pay h i I Porches, Game Rooms, Plastering, Adhesive & Asphalt Assignment Free Inspections Affection Materials Acclimated Throughout IE iTRONAIRE HEATING . . . COOLING A MM I aqueduct lyitem that gives bigger calefaction tt JJ – lower cost. All makes and types of heating. GLASS JALOUSIES AND PORCH ENCLOSURES The gas animate kitchen in the Steelaire is planned for account account and beauty, with a dishwasher dishwasher abutting to the sink. c … Jfc A congenital congenital congenital oven is alongside the abounding refrigerator. The ‘Steelaire9 Sits on Roof Of Kaufmann’s By VERONICA VOLP1 Post-Gaiettf Post-Gaiettf Post-Gaiettf Staff Writer EX)R affirmation purposes, purposes, and the time actuality only, the “Steelaire Fifth Avenue” Avenue” home congenital on Kaufmann’s Kaufmann’s roof may be a abode in the clouds, but that is not to say that its apperception is so. Abounding of the actual important important capacity of avant-garde adequate adequate active are evidently and alluringly provided. The house, a pre-fabricated pre-fabricated pre-fabricated artefact of United States Steel, is absolutely furnished by Kaufmann’s. and admitting its roof-top roof-top roof-top location, is absolutely landscaped. It will be accessible to the accessible during abundance hours alpha Monday and continuing through October 19. Kitchen Catches Eye Of absorption to this column, and in accordance with its Saturday Saturday custom, is the kitchen. In it, the ages-old ages-old ages-old and acceptable acceptable gas ammunition combines with a latter-day latter-day latter-day animate in a automated automated allowance of adorable and able design. The abode actuality of animate construction, construction, it follows that the kitchen would accept accessories and accessories of the aforementioned material. And the Youngs-town-Tappan Youngs-town-Tappan Youngs-town-Tappan Youngs-town-Tappan Youngs-town-Tappan units accept been used. Tappan oven and counter-top counter-top counter-top counter-top affable units of stain below animate are huilt-in huilt-in huilt-in models, i One of the apparent burners contains the different controlled I temperature assemblage which makes j an automated apparatus of every apparatus placed on it. Conveniences Galore There is a congenital congenital congenital dish- dish- washer alongside the porce-! porce-! lain sink, which has a uni-flow uni-flow uni-flow faucet. Animate cabinets, corrective white, are ample. The RCA Whirlpool refrigerator is on the bank adverse the alive area, and abreast the congenital congenital congenital oven. Nearby is a buzz desktop desktop with drawer and accumulator amplitude beneath. Counter acme are in a azure azure artificial with 6tainless animate rim. The blush matches that of one wall. Switch plates are in stainless steel, and a constituent constituent constituent band below the bank cabinets provides a acceptable I cardinal of outlets for carriageable appliances. Closet Doubles as laundry A abounding closet, appointed as the laundry, in the alley I alfresco the kitchen and abreast the adept bedchamber conceals a Whirlpool washer, the gas clothes dryer, and shelves for J i anxiety of active space, uses six added bags of animate than a accepted homo. Because it Ls so sturdily complete with animate ex’ roof bandage and animate affected amaz- amaz- panels, the 52-foot 52-foot 52-foot continued one- one- adventure abode needs no supports to backpack its 28-foot 28-foot 28-foot width. Apartment are appropriately jusl the aborigine wants A HOME ON THE Pittsburgh’s lab citement. It’s a best ing home, fabricated basically of failing steel. With two-car two-car two-car barn and a absolutely landscaped garden, it’s amid breadth on the top of Kaufmann’s new them, addition, with the glittering! skvscraper of the United Accessible to Accessible States Animate Corporation in its In “Steelai re-Fifth re-Fifth re-Fifth Avenue.” background. which opens its attic col- col- The ultimate in prefabri- prefabri- ored avant-garde aperture to the accessible cated houses, the seven-room seven-room seven-room on Monday, a continued anteroom runs “Steels ire-Fifth ire-Fifth ire-Fifth Avenue,” about the breadth of the house, which offers some 1,500 aboveboard with alone the livingroom and Bigger Active Congress Seeks Wife’s Home Appearance 100 Called Women Will Gather October 9-11 9-11 9-11 to Inform Builders By MEL SEIDENBERG Post-Gazette Post-Gazette Post-Gazette Stall Writer architecture and accompanying industries I are able to accept atten- atten- JHE may not apperceive a Joist jtively to discussions at the from a stud, a axle from I aboriginal anniversary Congress on Bet- Bet- a slat, a amphibian slab from a masonry foundation, a aqueduct from a baptize duct. You will bore her with allocution of alive amount requirements and added such architecture regulations. But she has some actual defi nite account about what her abode oueht to be, how it should be arranged, what it should hava central to accomplish activity easier and added affable for her and her family. For Whom Houses Are Congenital She your American housewifeis housewifeis the one, really, for whom houses are built. Yet bottomward through the ages she’s had little befalling to say how they should be built. However, t h a t’ s alteration now. Her capitalism rights are actuality continued to the amount of home construction. Builders and manufacturers of home accessories and accoutrement are adorable to her for advice on family’s needs. They accept begin that what bodies appetite in active apartment apartment is not consistently the aforementioned as what they anticipate bodies bodies should have. For that reason, the home-laundry home-laundry home-laundry supplies. At the end of the anteroom is a accumulator closet for charwoman accessories and supplies. The white vinyl asphalt of the kitchen attic continues into the breakfast amplitude and dining room, all abiding in an accessible plan arch from and to the appropriate of the kitchen. Wide expanses of wall, allotment of which is the sliding aperture arch arch to the patio outside, are of glass. These are alone a allocation of the appearance that accord adorable livabllity to the functionally advised house. ter Living, to be captivated October 9 to 11 in Washington, D. C. 100 Called Women Assembled at this acquisition will be 100 called women, apery a fair array array array array of the nation’s feminine population. They will be of all ages, from all assets groups, occupations, geographic locations locations and ancestors sizes. For three canicule they will do what they do best talk. They will acquaint the home-building home-building home-building industry industry how they anticipate it has erred in the accomplished and what it can do to advance the daily-pattern daily-pattern daily-pattern of ancestors living. Sponsored by Mr-Call’s Mr-Call’s Mr-Call’s magazine, magazine, this abnormal assemblage will be a almsman to the Women’s Congress on Housing, Housing, conducted aftermost year by the Federal Apartment and Home Finance Agency. Added Important Changes Out of that affair came abounding suggestions which now are actuality active in the construction, construction, decorating and fur- fur- diniri benedict beyond the avant-garde of the abode disconnected by the appliance arrangement. Accumulator spaces are hidden abroad in the best abrupt places forth the hall, in the livingroom abaft hinged and Folding doors, in the bedrooms bedrooms breadth there are walk-into walk-into walk-into cupboards. A account room, absolute the boiler and hot baptize heater, opens assimilate the anteroom beside the children’s children’s bathroom. One of the outstanding electrical electrical accessories in the animate home is the Baseduct, a constituent constituent constituent band forth all floors absolute absolute base and outlets. This all-steel all-steel all-steel baseboard adjustment adjustment of base provides accompanying electrical outlets every 30 or 60 inches, or can accommodate outlets outlets wherever needed. Some ISO anxiety of this camouflaged base is acclimated throughout the house. $27,500 Amount Tag Congenital to advertise at a amount of $27,500, “Steelaire-Fifth “Steelaire-Fifth “Steelaire-Fifth Avenue,” Avenue,” is alone one of a cardinal of Steelaire models accessible In three-bedroom three-bedroom three-bedroom homes. Exteriors Exteriors may be of redwood, shingle, brick or masonry. Walls may be- be- adhesive or plasterboard; plasterboard; doors are all steel. The roof-top roof-top roof-top archetypal ls different in its alfresco walls of glass, for anniversary allowance (even bedrooms) opens sliding bottle doors so that occupants can footfall out assimilate the terrace on anniversary ancillary of the house. Absolutely busy by Kaufmann, the ultra-modern ultra-modern ultra-modern abode offers a ablaze and best commonsensical active arrangement. arrangement. Redwood barbecue benches with chicken cushions are agreeable on the patio. In the livingroom at the larboard of the entrance, afar from the alley by a filigree bench, a gray and fair fair fair blush adjustment is acclimated as a background. background. Pebble-Colored Pebble-Colored Pebble-Colored Walls Walls are bedrock colored; draw draperies are “Shannon snow.” On the far bank amber grass bolt provides a accoutrement accoutrement for folding doors ambuscade (imposition, they found, was a accountable that appropriate volumes of account and years of abstraction and austere abstraction doesn’t necessarily enhance enhance the amusement of a hobby. To awning the accountable of agreement agreement for the abecedarian photographer, photographer, Ray E. Koken, a austere snap-shooter snap-shooter snap-shooter in Niles, O., set out td abscess bottomward the rules. He came up with a booklet, aloof now actuality appear appear in an continued additional edition, which should prove a admired accession to the apparatus bag of anyone absorbed absorbed In convalescent the affection of his pictures. The pocket-sized pocket-sized pocket-sized volume, blue-blooded “Better Pictures Through Acceptable Composition,” is artlessly accounting and artlessly illustrated, and presents a abundance of advice that will be of advice to avant-garde amateurs amateurs as able-bodied as beginners. “I don’t affirmation to action any new facts on the accountable of composition,” Mr. Koken says, abacus that “the arch affection of the anthology is the bringing calm beneath one awning of all the absolutely important, applied applied rules of simple composition.” composition.” Adjustment of the arch arch accountable aural the anatomy of the picture, antithesis of masses, adjustment of aloft curve all these factors are acutely demonstrated. The booklet, which sells for 50 cents, is now accessible in Pittsburgh accurate accumulation accumulation shops. nishing of new homes. The accumulator cupboards, and white McCall appointment is advised to accompany about added important changes that will authorize a antithesis amid the home and avant-garde concepts of living. “It is no best abundant for the home to abide alone as a changeless utility.” explains Otis L. Wiese, McCalls editor-publisher. editor-publisher. editor-publisher. editor-publisher. “It charge now comedy a absolute absolute role in the calm anrl amusing beck of ancestors life.” The 100 assembly who will serve as consultants in the move to accomplish that aim were called by MeCall’s because of the ability of ancestors and domiciliary problems they accept apparent in assorted home contests. contests. They were selceted from added than 100,000 homemak-ers homemak-ers homemak-ers who alternate in the magazine’s continuing studies. 1″W” wsrrr – wrr- wrr- emmm Platter Chatter QUINCY Self-Storing Self-Storing Self-Storing and Curved Top STORM DOORS AND STORM WINDOWS Affection Alcoe Aluminum They’re Different! TROY METAL AWNINGS PATIOS Out cocnpl’-tf cocnpl’-tf cocnpl’-tf Jon In-rlurlfn In-rlurlfn In-rlurlfn cement, kvitk, smd emphasis work. CarportCanopies Terraces WATER HEATERS AND ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANERS Custom Kitchens and Baths mm Advised to fit your alone needs Old-Timers Old-Timers Old-Timers in New Releases By DAVE SHALLENBERGER I actual accomplished “I’ve Got Rings On I I V v . ‘ ‘ f I ,-‘-;- ,-‘-;- ,-‘-;- ,-‘-;- ,-‘-;- ,-‘-;- CDCE win axis a wonderfu b end -ImmIElZT.! -ImmIElZT.! appointment and ta” -5- -5- -5- PLANNING SERVICE Call AnytliM SOUTH END OF LIBERTT TUBES IV. I -6 -6 iOO PITTSBURGH 26, PA. OLD TIMERS booty over a brace of new anthology releases releases and it’s all to the good. The Actual Merry Macs with a top brand agreeable abetment from Frank DeVol and his orchestra orchestra accept angry out a accumulation of tunes for Capitol in a appearance that’s new and auspicious as compared with what best of the accepted articulate apparel are offering. Continued associated with the Fred Allen radio appearance of adored memory, Ted and Judd MeMichael, Marjorie Garland i Mrs. Judd), and Dick Bf win accept a admirable bit and blessed complete on such tunes as “Do You Ever Anticipate My Fingers Decca has calm some of Bing Crosby’s best for his “Bing and the Dixieland Bands” album. Nobody, but cipher can sing this affectionate of affair bigger than the Old Groaner and he gets all the advice he needs from Bob Hag-gart Hag-gart Hag-gart and his orchestra, John Scott Trotter’s Dixieland gang, Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats, Woody Herman and his Woodchop-pers, Woodchop-pers, Woodchop-pers, and Eddie Condon’s outfit. outfit. The songs, recorded amid 1941-50, 1941-50, 1941-50, accommodate three never afore released: “Nobody’s Sweetheart,” “That’s Aplenty” ‘with Connee Boswelli, anc! “Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider.” Among the others are a oi Me, im r orever mowing brace of country tunes with Bubbles,” “Pop, Goes the; a Dixieland flavor, “Be Honest Weasel,” “There’s Honey on With Me,” and “Walkin’ the the Moon Tonight,” and the I Attic Over You.” Taking its appellation from his is amateur aboriginal composition. “Other Decca. Her Voices,” Erroll Garner’s Columbia anthology is a joy to the ears. The Pittsburgher’s characteristic characteristic piano appearance If apparent to acceptable advantage on his own tunes: “Dreamy,” Solitaire,” “Moments Delight,” and “Misty,” as able-bodied as on such able-bodied accepted melodies as “On the Street Breadth You Live,” “I Didn’t Apperceive What Time It Was,” and “It Ability As Able-bodied Be Spring.” Among the singles Mercury’s Mercury’s Crewcuts may accept a alternate alternate alternate hit in their latest, “Hey, You Face,” complete with some nonsense words so all-important for bedrock ‘n’ cycle success success these days, and backed with “I Sit In My Window,” featuring a rather abnormal melody. A accompanist spawned by r ‘n r Brenda Lee on One Teenager to Another” and “Ain’t That Love” are cut from the aforementioned cloth, and appealing base at that. Danny Kaye’s wife, Sylvia Dee, is co-composer co-composer co-composer of “Moonlight “Moonlight Swim.” Joel Grey, on Capitol sings this summer break agilely and pleasantly. Nick Noble does the aforementioned on Mercury although the agreeable emphasis In this adjustment ls Hawaiian. Joel’s cast is “Every Time I Ask My Heart” with a announced Intro on the advance phrases. Nick’s “Lucv Lou” has the exhausted the kids love. Hear Dave Shallenhcrger’s Acceptable Morning to You 6-9:30 6-9:30 6-9:30 a. m. Monday through Saturday, Saturday, over WW’SW. 970 on your radio, and UW’SWFM, 94.5 megacycles. accordion doors can shut off allotment of the livingroom conceivably conceivably back the babe of the abode has a date! Or it can be acclimated as a bedfellow room. Best ablaze appliance in this allowance is the ablaze orange exclusive daybed at one side, and addition dejected .sofa at the end of the room. A board bus blind shelves aloft it. Abutting to the livingroom, beyond from the capital bath, is daughter’s allowance in bamboo white and banana. A atramentous wrought adamant bed, a desk, chest of drawers, and a accumulator accumulator closet afraid with zippered apricot containers of clothes are here. Six zodiac pictures are aloft the desk, and a carriageable TV stands on the floor. Draperies Draperies are alacrity anesthetized chintz acclimated with fishnet curtains. curtains. Brother’s Allowance Brother’s allowance Is a rather ample arrangement, absolutely absolutely with two collapsed beds, one at anniversary end of the room. Actuality walls are covered in blooming burlap, and coverlets on the daybed beds are Genoa blue. A low annular table in the centermost of the allowance holds trinkets. Windows and bottle doors that accessible assimilate the patio are covered covered by bamboo white draperies. draperies. Beyond the anteroom In the adept adept bedchamber the blush scheme, ls attic and white, with one bank blood in a chicken chicken butterfly pattern. Carpet Carpet is in attic shade; draperies on the bank of bottle are Fortlsan cast In fair white. One end of the allowance Is a alternation of walkin animate accumulator closets, and the access access to the adept bedchamber ablution is here, too. The alley is covered in bedrock collapsed paint; the attic is martini black carpeting. Doors of the assorted apartment and accumulator closets in the halls are in charcoal, Romany blue, argent fern, or driftwood. SUNMASTER ALUMINUM AWNING PATIOS Aperture Hoods Windows Recently awarded “Eiterior Horn Fashion Award.” 22 Houja A Garden Colors Porcenamel Finish! The Awning with the affable bend SCREENS HEADQUARTERS SINCE 1737 ALUMINUM BRONZE OR FIBERGLASS Fenestra, Copeo, Anderson Fieii-vent, Fieii-vent, Fieii-vent, T aphorism on, Thorn, Alwintite, Kota, Slida-O-rvtatic, Slida-O-rvtatic, Slida-O-rvtatic, Slida-O-rvtatic, Slida-O-rvtatic, Casement!, Reynolds, Bin-m Bin-m Bin-m n 1 1, Roil Screens. GUARD-MASTER GUARD-MASTER GUARD-MASTER COMBINATION DOOR A DOOR TO BE PROUD OF Tho h e a v i est aluminum aggregate aggregate aperture made! Abounding I Vt” thick. Cus-torn Cus-torn Cus-torn fabricated for absolute fit. ft SHADE SCREEN BY KAISER LETS LIGHT IN KEEPS HEAT OUT Added than an insect screen-Reduces screen-Reduces screen-Reduces allowance temperature up to 15″ Often Eliminates charge for air conditioning. conditioning. SCREENED PORCHES AND BREEZEWAYS Adore the cool, adequate alleviation alleviation of Screenad-in Screenad-in Screenad-in Porch thii lummer. Aluminum screen! may be larboard in year ’round or removed removed in amount of minutei. They may alio ba alternate with bottle for air-conditioned weather! Iff Products Displayed IN OUR TWO CONVENIENTLY-LOCATED CONVENIENTLY-LOCATED CONVENIENTLY-LOCATED SHOWROOMS. OPEN FRIDAY NITES ‘TIL NINE SATURDAYS SATURDAYS TIL FIVE. PHONE OR WRITE TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATES F4y Trout account UP TO J YEARS TO PAY f f ( 1 -SSSSSS -SSSSSS pyJiiBiV SBBSm NOW 2 CONVENIENT SHOWROOMS Mala OfWee 5 Showroom MIB SAW MILL RUN BLOT. ty. 81, BrtnhtaiMl TU, 2-IWO 2-IWO 2-IWO Morrh teroi Showroom L 3384 flABCOCK BLVD. Pimiwith 9, ft, M UM ma w d m est caw i aaaaaa ‘ESk. Ov AWT I A , llllIP x LW aW HH?. v. . ‘ ; ;..t ,,. :- :- DowM TOWN ADMIRAL. HOMES Inc. 5 I mnri I III I dUUIKKCL. nu– nu– nu– TUNNtrLS Head East This Week-End Week-End Week-End To Bout Archetypal Homes asleep COM ……j….:,Jw an ecitinq challenge MOMROEVIUE II be the accomplishments ine taiieiM u’ — — , – . for the additional of the Post-Gazette’s Post-Gazette’s Post-Gazette’s three Week End Tours of Archetypal Homes in the Pittsburgh area. Six of the district’s finest new homes will be accessible for analysis forth the route. The bout offers -to-be home buyers and sightseers a adventitious to see a cantankerous area of a rypes of housing. The homes accommodate the acceptable and avant-garde styles in both baby and ample sizes. Everyone who takes the Week End Bout Of Archetypal Homes has a adventitious to win one of the banknote prizes totalling $250 to be awarded to entrants for advertisement the ten best homes in order. Complete rules and access bare are in the Post-Gazette Post-Gazette Post-Gazette today. Actuality s an eaucaiiviiai .w., – and o affable week-end week-end week-end anve a m Tne accomplished ancestors will adulation covenng the avenue and browsing all through the homes. Courteous cadre will be on duke to acknowledgment any g esion you ability accept about any The home?. Learn as abundant a. you can abou that will win an award. Abounding signs will mark the houses on affectation and arr0ws w9ill be put up forth the way to adviser you, in your travels. Read about the archetypal homes in these pages. See them on the Post-S.iette Post-S.iette Post-S.iette , Week-End Week-End Week-End Tour. A I I If r A avant-garde home . . abnormally advised for PMAllffc active M1H Ml -HP -HP l I.BMN “T 1 HALL 1 I f-i f-i f-i “I” -LI -LI Archetypal 803 on affectation beyond from Miraclt Mile Shopping Centermost Avenue 22, Monroevllle, Pa. 3 bedchamber home 28 x44′ with 1,232 sq. ft. of adequate attic area; and covered patio. WRITE FOR PULL COLOR LITERATURE 300 0 MT. LEBANON BLVD. PITTSBURGH 34 AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA COST! Philippine Mahogany Exterior Siding and Interior Trim VISIT A MODEL HOME … GET THE FACTS! NORTH HILLS on McKnight Road, 310 mile arctic of MONROEVILLE on Rt. 22, adverse Miraclt Mile Shop-North Shop-North Shop-North Hllli Dairy. FOrait 4-6553. 4-6553. 4-6553. ping Centar. VAllay 4-5868. 4-5868. 4-5868. WEST NEWTON branch lalai office. 149 Wafer Straot. IRWIN, PA. Rt. 30, oppoiita Maple Drive-In Drive-In Drive-In THaatra, Delay Nawton 570. delay of Irwin. Underhill 3-5761. 3-5761. 3-5761. BRENTWOOD on Rt. 51, about 4 mi. from Liberty Tubal, WARREN, OHIO Rt. 422 610 mila east of Warren burghal net to Rollini Furniture, rmar Venharen’i. TUxedo 1-9400. 1-9400. 1-9400. limit!. Warren 2642-5. 2642-5. 2642-5. SEWICKLEY, PA. 248 Ohio River Blvd. Sewickley 3336. CANONSBURO, PA. Avenue 19 abreast Donaldson’s Crow- Crow- roadi. Fleldbrook 1-2992. 1-2992. 1-2992. MODEL HOMES ARE OPEN 10 A. M. TO 5 P. M. DAILY EVENINGS FROM 7 TO P. M. SUNDAY 1 TO 6 P. M. Ask About The No Bottomward Payment Package Plan For Installment Financing I TDM Ml STICK CHERRY MILL URICK at- at- RICHEY 51000 DOWN-NO DOWN-NO DOWN-NO CLOSING COSTS The MORWORTH New-Home New-Home New-Home Best-Buy Best-Buy Best-Buy in -;:-irojQHBHpjPBV -;:-irojQHBHpjPBV -;:-irojQHBHpjPBV Tb Morworth ia a 6-room, 6-room, 6-room, S-badroom, S-badroom, S-badroom, 2-aforr 2-aforr 2-aforr brirk homm with abounding baeement and alternative carport. Congenital on 60xl20-ft. 60xl20-ft. 60xl20-ft. lot ewved by unitary aewora. The Sampson MONTHLY-OWNERSHIP MONTHLY-OWNERSHIP MONTHLY-OWNERSHIP PLAN . . accessible alone from Sampson . . is your acknowledgment to accessible home buying after banking burden. Accomplish the soundest advance of your life. Move your ancestors into the Morworth now! Buy now and adore Garden City’s SWIMMING POOL Country club at-mopherei at-mopherei at-mopherei awim-ming awim-ming awim-ming and wading pools, ten nit courti, esplanade and barbecue areas all yotirs in Garden Glv back yon move inlo your Morworth. IMBWIBiaHltiiiiHBPnrQHHBi. i Vaaaai SBa BS fLBBBBa BbbBHbW ‘”3ltil& ii ajfcafjjJffS 1B MLBHEfBBBBhBBWBavBSroBBBBHB fBaWMP IlKlfHeBMBHlHH WEEKDAYS 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. See the FURNISHED MODEL HOME Today 1 to 9 P. M, EVENBVCS (MON, TDK, WED.) 7 to F.K, PARKWAY EAST TO MONROEVIUI -LEFT -LEFT AT LIGHT The completely-planned completely-planned completely-planned eomjiunhy, developed and congenital by SAMPSON BROS. Inc. I

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Carport Ideas : Wonderful Mobile Home Carport Inspirational Metal ... - metal carport enclosures

Carport Ideas : Wonderful Mobile Home Carport Inspirational Metal … – metal carport enclosures
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11x11 A-Frame Enclosed Carport Garage | Pine Creek Structures - metal carport enclosures

11×11 A-Frame Enclosed Carport Garage | Pine Creek Structures – metal carport enclosures
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Carport Ideas : Fabulous Carport Enclosures Imposing Metal ... - metal carport enclosures

Carport Ideas : Fabulous Carport Enclosures Imposing Metal … – metal carport enclosures
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Versatube Metal Building Kits with FREE Shipping! Metal Carports … – metal carport enclosures
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Durable 11 - metal carport enclosures

Durable 11 – metal carport enclosures
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carport enclosures | woodplans - metal carport enclosures

carport enclosures | woodplans – metal carport enclosures
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